Menstrual hygiene management

Our main focus is on breaking the silence about periods and providing end-to-end solutions for menstrual hygiene.Talking about menstruation has not been easy. Even though it is a normal biological process, there is total silence about periods. Women of all social strata are uncomfortable to openly discuss what is perceived as a private and unclean affair. According to UNICEF, 23 million girls dropout of high school due to improper facilities, awareness, and inconveniences. Only a small minority of women in rural India are estimated to use sanitary napkins. The rest follow unhygienic practices such as using old clothes, blouses with hooks etc., which is a major cause of Reproductive Tract Syndrome (RTS).

MITU is working towards bringing awareness, one school, one village at a time. MITU has educated more than thirty five thousand girls and women through awareness sessions that include menstrual hygiene, education about reproductive system, breaking the myths and taboos, importance of balanced diet, correct usage and disposal of single and multi use sanitary pads.

Here are a few projects undertaken by MITU, as a part of our menstrual hygiene management cause.

  1. 2019 - MITU conducted MHM awareness sessions for 1553 girls and ladies living in under-privileged areas in Urban and rural Bangalore. 28 sessions were conducted in various Government schools, PU colleges, slums. Hygiene kit was distributed to villagers through Peoples Trust
  2. 2018 - 26 MHM sessions were conducted in Government high schools and PU colleges in Greater Bangalore limits for 1404 students.
  3. 2017 - Ladies Circle helped in distributing hygiene kits to the underprivileged. 16 awareness sessions for 1115 women and girls in Chittoor district was conducted as a continuation of the project with Rotary Global Grant.
  4. 2016 - MITU conducted awareness sessions on general personal hygiene for both boys and girls from ten selected rural PUC colleges in Chittoor District. It also carried out MHM sessions separately with the girls. A survey was conducted and a follow up was done after 6 months to assess the impact of these awareness sessions.
  5. 2016 - With a collaboration with Fidelity, MITU conducted MHM sessions in 2 villages benefiting more than 500 women and girls in Doddaballapur district.
  6. MITU has conducted more than 200 sessions between 2009 and 2015 in the field of menstrual hygiene management for girls from Govt. schools in Chitradurga and Yadgir Districts.